Unity during COVID19

In his Kingdom, nothing is as important as being united in love.
God desires that His church live in unity and harmony built on the foundation that is, Jesus Christ. In times like this, it is important to remember that it is Jesus who draws us together and the power of the Holy Spirit that makes our bond stronger.

Digital presence

Virtual doors are opening for service and It’s never been easier to have a digital presence than it is right now. Most churches are already using social media, but now with the ability to film using our phones and go live to our church with a click of a button, we can speak directly to our community instantly.

We must continue to care for the vulnerable, share the message of Jesus, and be a light on a hill in this ever-changing situation.

Let us stand together, in prayer and in love.
We’re believing God will use this unprecedented time in human history—with the technology solutions to outpace any virus—to unite the Church and reach more people for Jesus! 

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